Top 10 Relationships that can’t last

So you have finally found your dream guy or girl. You are dating and everything seems lovely, but you feel that it would end anytime soon. You think your relationship lacks passion? One of you is too lazy to call, while the other doesn’t want to be the one that calls constantly? Or maybe something isn’t working for you in the bedroom? Do you feel lonelier than when you were single? Maybe your relationship won’t last after all. Here are the “symptoms”.

#1. Online chat/texting

Living the virtual reality is slowly taking over the world. It is so much easier to talk to him or her via text messages or on Facebook than to actually be with them one on one. You can tell each other everything and you can open up to each other, but when you see her or him on a date you are both quiet. It feels weird to be near this person, it seems like they are strangers and you prefer your online relationship. This won’t last for sure. Virtual reality makes things easier but won’t make your relationship real and it eventually will fall apart.

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