Top 10 Relationships that can’t last


So you have finally found your dream guy or girl. You are dating and everything seems lovely, but you feel that it would end anytime soon. You think your relationship lacks passion? One of you is too lazy to call, while the other doesn’t want to be the one that calls constantly? Or maybe something isn’t working for you in the bedroom? Do you feel lonelier than when you were single? Maybe your relationship won’t last after all. Here are the “symptoms”.

#1. Online chat/texting

Living the virtual reality is slowly taking over the world. It is so much easier to talk to him or her via text messages or on Facebook than to actually be with them one on one. You can tell each other everything and you can open up to each other, but when you see her or him on a date you are both quiet. It feels weird to be near this person, it seems like they are strangers and you prefer your online relationship. This won’t last for sure. Virtual reality makes things easier but won’t make your relationship real and it eventually will fall apart.

#2. Despair and dependence

You can’t go anywhere alone, you can’t even imagine go out to your local supermarket without your boyfriend or girlfriend. Your friends are teasing you that you are acting like conjoined twins but you don’t mind. You should have in mind that these types of depending-on-each-other relationships are kind of annoying for the people around you and are turning both of you into parasites who can’t function alone.

Despair and dependence

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#3. Gold diggers

She is after his money. How many times men said this for a girl? Well, times are changed, now both genders are into money. But if you are with someone only because of their money and nothing else about them is attractive for you, we’re sorry to say it – but it won’t work. Yes, there are people who endured marriages only for the money, but eventually you will get sick and tired, and money really can’t buy love.

#4. Lazy

They are only okay when they are at home and none of them takes action to do something or go somewhere. Their apathy will sooner or later kill the relationship and the initial spark, because laziness surely does that to people.

#5. Hot-cold

Couples who don’t know how to set a track in their relationships are usually doomed to fail. When he isn’t over his ex girlfriend but got a new one and already treats her poorly, it can’t be good. If they are not into each other enough they would send some signals, would give some cold then hot mood swings, but that also would ruin the chemistry. Our advice – make up your mind.

#6. No friends

They function the best when they are alone, because they think friends are just boring and they don’t need them. With time one of the partners would get fed up with everything, because who wants to be with one person 24/7 no matter if that person is the love of their life. Life needs some diversity, and it doesn’t mean that you are cheating on each other.

No friends

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#7. Rushing things

You met him or her, you were dating for a month and then decided to live together. It can work, you will learn about each other things as the relationship goes, but who moves in so fast? Couples who start living together after a year or two are less likely to break up because they already tolerate each other’s bad habits. But knowing someone for a month might not give you so much tolerance.

Rushing things

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#8. Lack of hygiene

There is not much for explaining here. She or he can love you a tone, but if you are skipping showering they can only take so much. You have no time to treat yourself good? You won’t have time to treat your partner good as well.

Lack of hygiene

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#9. Violence

Although some relationships unfortunately last long even though there is violence in them, most of them are doomed to end. Beating your partner or constantly nagging them and torturing them psychologically will only lead to sooner or later ending of your alliance. Nobody was meant to be hurt and you acting violently can provide you not only with a breakup but with a jail too.

#10. Lack of trust

This can’t work if you two don’t trust each other enough. If she is checking his texts or if he has her Facebook and e-mail password in order to see who she is communicating with is a serious lack of trust and a big problem. You two are only wasting your time; nothing well can get out of that.

Lack of trust

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