Top 10 largest diamonds in the world

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. Everybody loves them and would sure want to have one on their own. Their rareness and the precise work of the jewelers make them even more beautiful and attractive, so that is why their price is so high. Most of the diamonds have some story or legend behind them, and a long history from their discovery to their last owner.

Some of the unique pieces of diamonds that are making the world simply shut up and admire them, are so rare and expensive and belonged to some of the most famous kings and queens through the ages. Lets explore these Top 10 largest diamonds in the world’s list and the awesome history behind all of these.

1. The Great Star of Africa

This is so far the largest cut diamond in the world. It has 530.20 carats, a pear shape cut and warm yellow color . This unique beauty is part of the Royal Scepter which is carefully guarded in the Tower of London. This diamond was cut from the biggest crystal ever found, the 3,106-carat Cullian, which was discovered back in 1905 in Transvaal in South Africa. Before it was officially cut, Joseph Archer and Company of Amsterdam were examining the large crystal for about six months in order to learn how to do the process and get most of the crystal.

The Great Star of Africa - largest cut diamond in the world


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