Top 10 best tattoo Ideas for men and their meanings


Planning to have tattoos? Well, here are some of the best tattoo ideas that are perfect for men. Check out their meanings to make your tattoo ideal for your needs and preferences. You will be shock to know the meaning and reasons on why people are getting that kind of tattoo.

1 Tribal Tattoos

This tattoo represents your culture and where you came. It’s a nice tattoo if you want to show your cultural heritage and represent your culture that you’ve been brought up to. It’s very manly if you have this kind of tattoo because of the design and the symbols it represents says a lot in your personality also, having this kind of tattoo, means that you are nationalistic and love your culture because you’re proud to flaunt it and even inked it in your body permanently. It’s beautiful to have this tattoo because it has various design you can choose from.

Tribal Tattoos

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2 Star Tattoo Designs

Star Tattoos are very famous nowadays, it has a youthful feel and at the same time classic feel for it represents the beautiful lights in the sky whenever the sun goes down. It is now a tattoo suited for both men and women because of it gorgeous appeal to the eyes. This tattoo design has never been out of style, you can almost see it inked in someone’s hands, arms, shoulders and other body parts. It can be small, medium or large in size as long as you follow a certain motif along with this star tattoo design.

Star Tattoo Designs

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3 Angel Tattoos

If you want a guardian angel always by your side, you want to have them imprinted all over your body and you will their angelic presence. By getting these angel tattoos, you will depict a holy personality and you have a sense of faith in angels because you personally want some angels in your body. In these times, there are many angel designs or patterns that you could inked in your chosen body part, if you have keen eyes for the good angel tattoo then browse it and inked it permanently to your body.

Angel Tattoos

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4 Wings Tattoo Designs

It’s always mesmerizing to see a wing tattoo, for aside of depicting it’s the wings of an angel, it has a sense of serene and simple design that will suit you. It is elegant to have this kind of tattoo because it seems like it is light and carefree. Wings tattoo also is a sign of protection and guidance, so when you have this tattoo, you will be always guided and protected by the angels who have those wings. What’s great about these wings tattoo designs is it both look good on men and women.

 Wings Tattoo Designs

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5 Maori Tattoo Design and Symbols for Men

This design is almost the same with the Tribal Design Tattoo. This Maori Motif is from New Zealand and has prominent bold lines that makes the details of this tattoo design beautiful. Each motif are depicting and has an equivalent symbol and great for those who have broad shoulders and arms that will suit this design. This design is a widespread design that mostly men wants in a tattoo design. This design is very masculine because of the prominent lines that will cover the large portion of your body. If you want a very masculine tattoo, here’s a good design for you.

Maori Tattoo Design and Symbols for Men

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6 Haida Tattoos

A very artistic and belonged to those tribal tattoo designs. It has a distinct character that has a strong facial expression. This tattoo design is a symbol for a family clan in a certain tribe. It is colorful and has a certain distinction. It will surely caught an attention once you had this tattoo, because of its uniqueness. You will be fierce in this tattoo because of its strong color because of the red color that depicts the courage of the men in this tribe. You will be manly once you have this tattoo.

Haida Tattoos

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7 Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

Want to have good dreams? You need a dream catcher to aim for those sweet dreams. But aside from having a dream catcher, you could also imprint it on your body. Dream Catcher is a symbol that your dreams will be only good and you will be having a good night sleep once you have this. It will mean many things once you have this dream catcher tattoo, it’s a belief from the Indians that we embraced until the present time. It’s unique to have a tattoo like this, because it is not very popular right now, but it is beautiful once you have this design.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

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8 Dragon Tattoo Designs

Strong and fearless, this is what the dragon depicts. Dragon came from the Chinese culture which is a mythical creature that they belief is the strongest among the creatures in the earth. There are various dragon tattoos design. It is often seen in the arms of men but it is now also a sexy design for the girls. When you have this tattoo, you seem to have a strong and powerful feeling. Many people has this for their body tattoo for it can cover your entire back or entire back since a dragon is quite huge as you want it.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

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9 Fairy Tattoo Designs

Who can forget the fairy on every storybook that our parents told us when we are still kids? Fairies are fantasy creatures who believe to have powers to make your wish come true or to bring you in a majestic and fantasy world you could possibly imagine. Because fairies gave a good feeling to us, we want them to be our tattoo design because we strongly believe in them even though they are fictional. Alongside with these fairy designs, you could play on whatever you want to add to make this fairy design magical. These tattoo design are often want by the women because of their amusement in fairy tales.

Fairy Tattoo Designs

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10 Swallow Tattoo Designs for Women

Aren’t these swallow cute? You would want them as a tattoo on your body. These swallow looks so serene and calm. It symbolizes the souls of the dead from the past times. This design is wanted and loved by the women because it looks good on their bare skin and it’s elegant to have this tattoo design on your body. So, if you want simple and cute design, this swallow must just be right for you.

Swallow Tattoo Designs for Women

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