15 Tips You Should Follow the Moment You Get Angry

11Stop blaming

Te blame game is a dangerous trend that will never allow you to get rid of irritation and anger. By respecting others, you maintain your own dignity. Be empathic with others and say things like “”I’m really sad that you left the table without offering to help with the dishes” instead of blaming someone for not doing their work.

Stop blaming

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12Channel your anger

Anger isn’t an abnormal emotion. It is normal and in certain cases healthy too. But allowing it to control you and not checking it will ultimately make it control you. You can benefit a lot by regulating your temper in a more positive way.

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If you feel that your anger is really getting the better of you, it’s because you are never calm and always stressed out. This leads to irritability. Meditation even for 15 to 20 minutes a day before bed or a suitable time can work wonders for your mood and brain.


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14Seek professional help

If your anger issues are leading to the below-mentioned problems, then professional help and therapy could benefit you a lot:

  • Constant frustration and anger
  • Anger is affecting work and relationships
  • You avoid people
  • You get into trouble with the law
  • Your anger makes you resort to physical violence
Seek professional help

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15Think about yourself

When you get angry, think about yourself. Is your anger worth what you are doing to yourself? In this situation, you may keep venting out your anger at all those around you but the more angry you get, it just doesn’t help you feel better, you only feel worse, so what the point of it. You may also feel immense regret once you cool down, so is it worth it?

Control you anger

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