15 Tips You Should Follow the Moment You Get Angry

Are you easily irritated and high strung? Do you blow your top at a finger snap? Do you find yourself being moody and angry all the time simply because things don’t go your way? Now it’s possible that such things could be caused by a highly stressful work lifestyle but it could also mean you suffer from anger issues. If you find your blood pressure rising and just can’t control your temper, then its time you took stock of yourself and seriously find some means of anger management as it could affect your health. Uncontrollable anger could not just take a huge toll on your health; it could affect family ties and relationships too. These science-based tips and tricks to control your anger will be extremely helpful in calming yourself. So read on.


1 Control and pause your thoughts

No one should feel that they are beyond controlling themselves. You always have a choice to cross a line or not. This is why when you feel a bout of anger coming on, tune in to yourself and pause. Think of the consequences of the momentarily bout of anger.

Control and pause your thoughts

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2Deep breathing

As soon as you get angry take long deep breaths. When you start getting angry, your breathing pattern will change. Deep breathing remedies that helps to calm you down and reverse your mood. When you breathe, inhale deeply and longer than you exhale. Do this each time you feel like blowing your top.

Deep breathing

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3Tap your collarbone

Have you heard about the emotional freedom technique or EFT. It involves constant taping of certain points in the body to reduce stress and anxiety. The collarbone is one such point which can calm you down when you tap it for at least 5-10 minutes. Regardless of this, focusing on another action in a bout of anger turns your focus away from the anger itself.

Tap your collarbone

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Counting is an age-old remedy for anger. In fact rather than count to ten, you should count backwards which is said to take control of your emotional reactions. Counting gives you time to calm yourself down. This will also help you think rationally and look at the situation from a calmer perspective. You will overcome the urge to snap out.

Counting one to ten

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When toxins accumulate in the body, it can affect mood too and cause anger and hypertension issues. Exercise is one of the best activities to flush out the toxins from your body and eliminate anger and irritation. When you start to get angry, take a walk. It will help you regain control of yourself by refocusing your energy on responding instead of reacting. You also burn calories in this way.

Physical activity

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