15 Tips And Tricks To Help You Wake Up Faster In The Morning

11If you get up before the alarm, get out of bed

There are those moments when we wake up before we have to. What do you do when this happens? Go back to sleep and wait for it to be the right time? That is a bad thing. You should get up and get out of bed, use the toilet and wash your face. You can lie back down but check your phone or do something.


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12Stand near the window

When you wake up take a few moments to stand by your window and breathe in the morning air. This is good for your lungs and will also help get rid of the sleep and tiredness from your body. This is the reason why most people tend to go out for morning walks during this time. The air is very refreshing.


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13Have a hot cup of coffee

Nothing can get rid of sleepiness like a hot cup of coffee. If you have one of those automated coffee makers in your home you can set it for 10 minutes after your alarm goes. This way you can wake up and by the time you finish your morning routine in the toilet your coffee will be ready.


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14Use an annoying tone for your alarm

What we often do is keep a soothing melody or our favorite song as a ringtone for our alarm. This is not a good thing. We should keep the most annoying sounds or songs as an alarm tone which will disturb you in the morning. If the first thing you hear in the morning is something annoying, you will not want to go back to sleep.


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15Keep your alarm near the door

This is something not all of us can do as most of us use the alarm app on our phones. What you should do is by an old school alarm clock and keep it near the door. This way you will have to leave your bed and walk to it to turn it off. This is a great way to get rid of your morning sleepiness.


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