7 Tips On How to Match Sneakers to Your Outfit

Nowadays, sneakers are a central component of our shoe collection. No matter the brand that you favor, there is a broad selection of silhouettes that you can choose from, and you can wear them for any event as long as they are a good pair of sneakers. All in all, with various types like the high top, minimal, retro, athleisure, and retro sneakers. It is important to know what sneaker matches best with which outfit, as they are not obvious to style them. So, depending on the events that you have to attend and what you plan to wear, you can get some straightforward ideas that you can try to match your sneaker with your attire. Below are tips on how to match sneakers to your outfit.


1Be simple

Keep it simple when you dress with your Nike Air Max sneakers as it is easy to overdo it. Since many people can easily try to compensate with one outlandish attire. However, you don’t have to add too much to your overall look to get the right mix. Also, one look that you can avoid unless it is the right moment is wearing sneakers with your business outfits. As retro kicks can easily be matched with casual outfits while minimalist sneakers work best with smart-casual ensembles. Another tip to keeping it simple is to ensure that you match your attire to your shoes with complementary colors. Unless you are wearing all black, to ensure you have a balanced look.

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2Get the perfect balance

Consider this when you want to wear a pair of statement sneakers. Since you cannot just wear them aimlessly as you want. To get it right the trick is to strike the perfect balance, and you can get this by giving all the attention to your feet. To achieve this, ensure that you dress down your outfit. For instance, wear simple patterns and colors and avoid garish logos and prints. Also, keep off regular items like shirts, jeans, and jumpers to make the outlandish sneakers that you pair with to be the focus of your look. To get this look, you can also experiment with various pieces before leaving your house to see which one matches best.

3Know when to keep it casual

Do not avoid wearing high-top sneakers just because you are not a basketballer. Yet, they are cool silhouettes if you want to dress casually. Unlike the minimal sneakers that you can easily dress up. However, this does not mean that you have to pair your high-top sneakers with hoodies and ripped jeans. Since these sneakers have a playful charm to them, pair them with flannels, shirts, jeans, and jackets. As you can easily dress up or dress down with this sneaker. As long as you keep it firmly casual. If you love the streetwear looks, style your high-tops sneakers with quality chinos and knits with less effort as well.

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4Put on the right trousers

By wearing the wrong pair of trousers, it is very easy to mess up a perfect pair of sneakers that you pair with. Alternatively, you could pair with the right trousers but they do not suit the shoes that you match with them. One thing to always look out for is the cuff width. Since with a cuff that is too wide over your sneakers, it will cover them too much, and narrow cuffs will do the vice versa. A good match is where you have the right balance between the size of your sneakers and the trouser cuff width. If you want to style chunky sneakers, they pair well with straight leg trousers. If you prefer to show off your sneakers, just pin roll your trousers, to get a maximum effect.


5Know when to keep it simple

Knowing your way around sneakers is not hard as long as you know how to style the various sneakers. But how do you keep it simple? For instance, with minimalist sneakers, due to how they look, it is easy to match with various outfits. They look good in jeans, chinos or shorts. However, they are a low key type of sneaker, and even when they are matched wrongly, they do not create a negative response. Unlike if it was a statement sneaker that is poorly matched. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should always pair them with various high low combination outfits. So you can keep it simple with minimal trainers by matching accordingly with their designed focused aesthetic. Therefore, choose subdued colors and simple lines and get a great look with minimal kicks.

6Prioritize the socks

The sock you choose to wear with your sneakers can make or break an outfit. Nevertheless, there are some proven combinations that you can opt for to assist you with matching your outfits with your sneakers. Even when you do not want your socks to be visible. A good example is when you wear tennis sneakers. They always look good with ankle socks and pin rolled trousers during a warm day. While thick knitted socks paired with sneaker boots are a good combination when it is cold. Plus, wild socks are best when you wear them with rocking skate shoes. Hence, to win in your sneaker matching outfit, prioritizing the socks to wear is important.

Prioritize the socks

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7Wearing athleisure sneakers

When you have lifestyle sneakers to wear, it is a new level of style and comfort that you are adding to your shoe collection. However, with all the designer collaborations and cutting edge technology that is part of marketing this sneaker. To match these sneakers, you have to dress the part to blend perfectly with this luxe footwear. The design of these sneakers is more of athletic qualities and matching with sporting attire is a good effect. However, this does not mean you wear a full-body tracksuit. Style with stylish coats, denim, and a cozy hoodie, and get that head-turner streetwear look.


Wearing athleisure sneakers


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