Tips on How to Apply Eyeliner according to eye size to make them appear More Beautiful


Eyes have always been a woman’s best and most attractive feature but to make them really appear to your man as limpid pools of bliss and sheer delight, you need to know the right makeup technique so that your eyes appear brighter and fuller. Here is a guide of eye makeup techniques that would help you make your eyes more attractive.

1 Almond-shaped eyes

If the inner and outer corner of your eyes is at the same level, then it means you have almond shaped eyes. The distance between the inner corners should also be equal to your eye length. To enhance your eyes, draw a thin line on your upper eyelid starting from the inner corner. Extend the line till it reaches the outer corner and not beyond. This makes your eyes more beautiful and impressive.

Almond-shaped eyes

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2 Hooded eyes

Excess skin hanging over the eyes makes it look smaller than it really is. You need to add volume to your eyelashes. Make wide arrows covering the entire upper lashes or use a very dark eyeliner.

Hooded eyes

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3 Wide-set eyes

You have wide set eyes when the distance between your eyes is more than one eye’s width. To draw your eyes closer together, draw an arrow starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. After that, starting from the middle of the eyes, draw a line on the lower eyelid but don’t go beyond the outer corner of your eyes. When applying mascara on your lashes, you need to brush them toward the bridge of your nose.

Wide-set eyes

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4 Large eyes

Among eye makeup techniques, round and large eyes are beautiful but you need to elongate them a bit more. Apply eyeliner on your upper eyelid. Then draw an arrow which should be a centimeter beyond the outer corner of the eye. Try and use the smoky eye technique for this type of eyes.

Large eyes

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5 Elongated eyes

Elongated eyes are always attractive but you should apply eyeliner carefully so that your eyes don’t appear too narrow. You can make them look bigger and brighter by drawing an arrow a little away from the lash line. Then shade it gently. You can outline the narrow strip of skin between lashes and eye with a white pencil. Use a black pencil to emphasize the upper eyelid. Thicken the central part of the arrow while doing this.

Elongated eyes

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6 Close-set eyes

When the distance between your eyes is less than the width of one eye, then you have close set eyes. The best eye makeup technique to make them appear more open by making a gradation from light to dark shades especially on the outer corners of the eyes. Now a little away from the inner corner, draw an arrow whose end should be outside the outer corner and a bit raised.

Close-set eyes

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