This woman stopped using deodorant for a week and results will astonish you!


Deodorants have become such an important part of our lives. Since human body is a host to billions of bacteria, which mix with the sweat secreted by our glands and give out an odor which becomes unbearable.

Hence deodorants save us from being embarrassed in public thanks to the odor that is given out by our body. But excessive and prolonged use of these deodorants may also cause some serious health issues, if the person is not cautious. The thing is that, deodorants consists aluminium, which clogs the pores on the body from which we sweat and continuous use of deodorant means build-up of this aluminium.

Hence a woman named Meg Zulch tried out a challenge to go without using any sort of deodorant for 7 days in a row. Though the challenge is tough with all the sweaty armpits and body odor at the end of the day, here is her experience day wise.


1 Day 1

The first day went pretty well for Meg. She was so self-conscious about the smell coming from her armpits that she was apologizing to people without them even pointing it out to her. For most of the time, people didn’t notice as it was not that bad.

The first day was kind of easy for her, since her armpits weren’t smelling that bad or she wasn’t sweating that much.

first day

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