These are some interesting ideas to decorate your small balcony


So, your apartment has a small balcony and you want to make its ambiance pleasant for your morning coffee, afternoon chilling time when you are with a book or for some fun night time with a few friends?

Having a small balcony can be much more demanding for decoration than a large one. You will have to maximize the comfort in the small place and make sure not to add too many things that would suffocate the space. Here are some ideas.

1 Size does matter

Forget about buying a large table and a bunch of chairs. For your small balcony, you will have to find the best solution and that may mean that you will have to be creative. An old antique type box, hand-made bench for two, pillows… All of these can be your substitute for chairs. If you live in a rented place, these solutions would be the best, because you would probably want to take the things with you when you leave. If you really must have chairs, then fold-up chairs are a very smart option. You can easily fold them up and put them away when you won’t use them.

Size does matter.

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2 Add colors with flowers and herbs

Adding something green would give life to the small space. If you aren’t the herb/flower person, you can always get artificial plants and they would do the work too. But, if you are willing to take care of flowers, you can plant them in colorful pots. You can even decorate yourself the old ones you have. Herbs are becoming very popular as home or balcony décor, but besides that, they would be useful for your cooking too. Mint, basil, rosemary, parsley or even small peppers would be perfect greens for your balcony.

Flowers, herbs

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3 Light the space up!

Christmas lights aren’t necessarily reserved for the holidays. Why not wrap them on your balcony fence and have them on, all year round. Get small lights, preferably in one color (white or yellow are the best) and create romantic atmosphere out there. Or, if you don’t like having Christmas lights all year round, you can find very cheap solutions like paper garden lamps. People would glue their eyes on your charming balcony for sure.


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4 Take the help of shelves and panels

Small spaces require managing the space the best you can. Adding shelves or panels on the walls would be a great solution for all the things that you wish to have out there. Flower pots, lights, decors, figurines and whatever you want – keep them on the shelves or hang them on the walls.

Go up

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5 Create a warm and cozy space with candles

For those warm spring and summer nights, candles are ideal. Romantic date on your balcony would be perfectly spiced up with several aromatic candles. You don’t need any other light but the light of the candles.


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6 Spread Rugs

If you hate the tiles or the patio on your balcony and you can’t or don’t have money to change it, you can always cover it with a colorful rug. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you can always put the rug inside.

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7 Have a beach umbrella

It would keep you in shade and can be a great décor that would give you an illusion that you live somewhere near the sea or the ocean (unless you really do). You can wrap the Christmas lights on the umbrella stick if you want unconventional place to put them on.

Beach umbrella

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8 Ensuring privacy

You don’t want the people from the opposite building to watch you while you have your tea or coffee? Colorful sheets placed on the fence, plenty of large and green plants or even bamboo sticks are a wonderful idea. It would hide you away from the curious eyes. Planting a vine would probably be the smartest solution.

Create privacy

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9 Make it Zen

If you own the place and if you can invest some money, turning your balcony in a real Zen spot can be one smart investment. All the craziness of the fast and stressful living requires calm home where you can relax. Add some stones, bamboo trees, plants in large pots and a portable fountain. The sound of water is crucial in the process of relaxing of the mind and the body. Wooden benches or chairs would just fill in wonderfully. If you have a nice view, you own a little piece of heaven.

Make it Zen

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