These are some interesting ideas to decorate your small balcony

So, your apartment has a small balcony and you want to make its ambiance pleasant for your morning coffee, afternoon chilling time when you are with a book or for some fun night time with a few friends?

Having a small balcony can be much more demanding for decoration than a large one. You will have to maximize the comfort in the small place and make sure not to add too many things that would suffocate the space. Here are some ideas.

1 Size does matter

Forget about buying a large table and a bunch of chairs. For your small balcony, you will have to find the best solution and that may mean that you will have to be creative. An old antique type box, hand-made bench for two, pillows… All of these can be your substitute for chairs. If you live in a rented place, these solutions would be the best, because you would probably want to take the things with you when you leave. If you really must have chairs, then fold-up chairs are a very smart option. You can easily fold them up and put them away when you won’t use them.

Size does matter.

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