The worst tattoos of the world which will make you cringe

Most of us like to express ourselves by getting inked with symbols and phrases which provide motivation and happiness to us as well as the people around us. But some people made really awkward choices and got inked. Take a look at some of the worst tattoos around, and next time if you think you want an absurd tattoo, do not hesitate, you can go ahead, and even put some pictures on the internet. At least some people will have a good laugh, like you are about to have now.

1 But why and how?

This boy got this written, and we are left stunned. Why and how did he come up with this thing? Oh wait, was he trying to ask his facial hair to Rest in Peace, probably!

But why and how

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2 Faced up head!

Well, agreed he had a nice bald head, and blond hair. But did he need to get a face Lanny Macdonald over his head? Well, obviously his choice, actually thank you sir, it was rather intriguing to see this picture and imagine what came to you that you did this.

Faced up head

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3 Cuteness killed

Well he did find an interesting way to showcase his weird patch of arm hair, but haven’t he heard the term, “hair removal”? A doll with a patch of your body hair as its head hair, Yuck!

Cuteness killed

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