The top eleven most preferred cities of the world where the super rich Billionaires live!

As a billionaire, you have your choice of living in Paris or the US or even both. Every multi-millionaire thinks nothing less than living in the world’s most expensive cities. Be it Monte Carlo or London, it’s easy for the rich to have breakfast in one city and dinner in the next. Real estate investors are having a field day tapping into the luxury accommodation market and it’s these ten most preferred cities that feature on the list of millionaires and the super rich.

11 Introducing Sao Paolo – the newest city of choice

Sao Paolo has scored high in terms of commercialization. The financial capital of Brazil is considered a lucrative commercial hub in all of South America. Sao Paolo is prime hot property for the real estate industry as most millionaires are on the constant lookout for residential and commercial property in the city. Sao Paolo will soon feature in the list of the super rich.

Sao Paolo

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