The top eleven most preferred cities of the world where the super rich Billionaires live!


As a billionaire, you have your choice of living in Paris or the US or even both. Every multi-millionaire thinks nothing less than living in the world’s most expensive cities. Be it Monte Carlo or London, it’s easy for the rich to have breakfast in one city and dinner in the next. Real estate investors are having a field day tapping into the luxury accommodation market and it’s these ten most preferred cities that feature on the list of millionaires and the super rich.

11 Introducing Sao Paolo – the newest city of choice

Sao Paolo has scored high in terms of commercialization. The financial capital of Brazil is considered a lucrative commercial hub in all of South America. Sao Paolo is prime hot property for the real estate industry as most millionaires are on the constant lookout for residential and commercial property in the city. Sao Paolo will soon feature in the list of the super rich.

Sao Paolo

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10 Berlin

As the financial and commercial hub of Germany, Berlin is now making its mark on the business scene in terms of industry. As a city with a heritage and history, most millionaires are looking to Berlin for accommodation.


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9 Beijing

With China growing at a rapid pace, most of its commercialized cities will soon be a hub of business activity outdoing most cities of the west in years to come. Beijing’s business orientation will soon make it to no.3 of this list in the near future.


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8 Shanghai

Shanghai could well be China’s busiest city. As the largest city in China, it is presently a global commercial hub. As a significant urban destination for the wealthy, it will soon overtake Paris on the list of cities for the super rich. If Seoul has its Gangnam style, then Shanghai has Xingtiandi style, its huge pedestrian only cultural shopping and entertainment complex.


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7 Geneva

The Mecca for skiing and winter sports enthusiasts around the world, Geneva in Switzerland is pretty as a picture. However, as developing cities in China and South America emerge as lucrative business destinations, Geneva may soon fall from this list as a priority business destination. But be as it may, you can’t beat what Geneva has to offer in terms of ski resorts and a great evening’s entertainment and relaxation after hitting the slopes.


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6 Miami

Wealthy businessmen around the world are looking to Miami as a destination of choice for prime real estate. In spite of Americans in Miami reeling under economic pressure, Miami still enjoys its position on this list but may be toppled from it altogether by emerging cities in Asia. However, Miami will always be a favorite with Latinos of South America.


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5 Singapore

As the world’s largest port, Singapore is well known as a center of shopping and financial activity. It is also a financial corridor for trading in commodities manufactured in the Asian market. No wonder, business men are always on the lookout for real estate and accommodation in prime spots of Singapore.


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4 Paris

The culture capital of the world, Paris may slip down a few places on such lists of cites favored by the super rich. But, in terms of art, culture and fashion, Paris will always remain the top investment.


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3 Hong Kong

Did anyone know that Hong Kong is actually one of the most expensive cities in the world? It may also be more expensive than New York in years to come. Hong Kong is a prime favorite among millionaires and wealthy businessmen due to investment and the money markets.

Hong Kong

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2 New York

Wall Street is the world’s largest market in terms of equity and financial trading. This makes New York the most preferred destination in the world for financial investment. Real estate in New York is always a high paying industry as most businessmen and the super rich worldwide want a piece of New York. Russian businessmen love New York.

New York

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1 London

Believe it or not, but London outdoes almost every happening city in the world as a destination of choice of the super rich in terms of accommodation. Be it an Arab businessman or a Russian millionaire, London is always no. 1 by global standards.


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