This girl applies Snapchat filter makeup to her face and the results are stunning

Snapchat selfie filters are the craziest new trend worldwide. At some point or the other, you may have looked at yourself in your front facing camera of your cell phone and went like ewww!!! Is that me? Well snap[chat is all set to change the way you look with downright outrageous filters that transform your face into something zany, obnoxious, funny or absolutely weird. Its fun and every bit worth trying. Imagine having a dog’s pug nose and tongue hanging out of your mouth, or a female with feline features.


These snapchat filters are almost a rage where all you need is to click a shot with one of the filters and you have a great pic that you’d simply love to post on social media.whats crazy though is how one makeup artiste actually went that extra mile to recreate snapchat filters and applied a snapchat filter makeup transformation to her face. But first here’s something about snapchat.

1 The obsession of snapchat filters

The best thing about snapchat selfie filters is that once you download the app into your cell phone you gain access to zany and funny new filters every day. Its loads of fun where a personal favorite of many is the flower crown and the doggy filter. If you really want to use snapchat selfie filters then heres what you need to do.


Snapchat has essentially enabled new lenses which are creative filters for a more interesting and wacky selfie. The only way to access these filters is to download the latest version of snapchat. When you click a photo you need to press and keep your finger pressed and hold over your face. Snapchat scans your face to see where it would place the filter best suited to your photograph.

obsession of snapchat filters

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2 Watch this amazing video of how this girl uses makeup to copy snapchat filters

Snapchat provides you a variety of creative lenses such as heart, eyes, zombies, vampires, puking rainbows, monsters doggy faces feline faces etc. In fact each time you click a selfie snapchat may ask you to either raise your eyebrows or even open your mouth which is downright wacky. It’s as interactive as that.

If you really want to see how creative you can get on snapchat, then watch this girl’s video. She is one remarkable makeup artiste who recreates snapchat filter makeup transformation and the results are wacky and amazing. She’s done a fantastic and amazing job and looks as cute as a daisy. Watch her video, maybe you could get some pointers how to use snapchat.


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