15 Signs That Will Let You Know You’re Getting Older

11Your favorite music and movies are 20 years old

Yes, when you get older you won’t be able to enjoy or like the new generations music and movies or you might. We do not know for sure, it’s up to you. But, one thing you will notice is the fact that all the music and movies you love are over decades old. You’ll love to re-listen to the music and rewatch the movies.


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12You need alcohol

When you were a teen you may have loved alcohol because you were trying to impress your peers but when you become an adult, you need alcohol. You’ll come home tired every day and pour yourself a drink. This will become a way for you to relax and soon the only way for you to relax and take a load off.


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13You make dad jokes

Dad jokes are basically lame, unfunny jokes typically said by middle-aged men or dads. These are often unoriginal and they heard it somewhere and thought it was funny but when they said it out loud, they realized everyone already heard it. But, the positive side of dad jokes is they still make people laugh.


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14Your worst enemy is your own bladder

This is the most awkward part of growing up. You cannot walk past a bathroom without feeling the need to pee. This will be very relatable for anyone over 30. You may be full of energy and be very efficient but you cannot control your bladder after a certain age and then it has a mind of its own.


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15You try too hard

This is a huge sign that you’re past your prime. You will try anything to look younger than you are. This will lead you to lie about your likes in music and movies. You’ll dress differently than normal, you’ll use new age words that children are using. You’ll try your best to be a younger version of yourself and make people like you online and offline.


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