15 Signs That Will Let You Know You’re Getting Older

6Older movies are better

You cannot hate movies but you will complain about their rewatchability. You won’t be able to find any movie that was recently released that you can watch in its entirety without skipping a few parts. But, this won’t be the case with older movies that you saw in your childhood. Those movies you’ll be able to watch in their entirety without skipping.


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7You cannot be comfortable

This is one of those growing pains. You can easily hurt yourself while sitting in a chair. By hurt yourself, we mean give yourself a cramp or muscle pull. Sitting for hours as a child is easy and something we all have done but as an adult? It will cause pain and cramps.


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8You take a whole day off for cleaning

Cleaning becomes a chore when you get older. Not only do you have to do it alone you have too much to do as the number of things you have is not doubled or even tripled. When you were a kid you had to clean your room and that was it. Now, as an adult, you have to clean your house and even maybe your car.


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9You can’t party

This is something that will take time to get used to and accept. You cannot party as you did when you were young. You’re much older now and you cannot stay up late because your body clock has changed and you’ll feel tired and sleepy. Unless you’ve been partying all your life and you have gotten used to this you will definitely notice a change.


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10Everyone is having children

This is the biggest sign that you’ve grown up; all the people you know are having kids. They’re your age, you’ve known them for years and now they’re having kids. This is the biggest sign that you’re no longer a young, wild and free kid. Not to mention people will start asking when you’re having your kid.


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