15 Signs which identify you as a strong woman standing out in a crowd

Did you have a strong woman influence your life in any way? There are many of us who have had the good fortune of being inspired by a strong mother, a strong wife or a sister. But you as a woman, how strong are you? There are signs of a strong woman that reveal how she is a role model in everyone’s life. A strong woman is compassionate, self reliant, independent, confident and emotive too. If you identify with any of the 15 signs below, you definitely are a strong woman.


1 Strong women learn from mistakes but love themselves no less

Every human makes mistakes. But even though you may learn from yours, you should never ostracize or criticize yourself too much for it. If you love yourself despite of the flaw and are never to harsh on yourself, you definitely are a strong woman.

Strong women learn from mistakes

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2 Self dependent

As a woman you never lean on others for emotional or mental support. Neither do you depend on anyone for financial well being. You never allow failure to get you down and stop what you’re after. You learn to make independent decisions and take the responsibility of your own happiness.

Self dependent

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3 You are intuitive

A strong woman always possesses a strong sense of intuition to preempt a difficult situation that helps in making vital decisions too. You follow your instincts and listen to your mind all because you alone know truly what you want.

You are intuitive

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4 You are a compassionate woman

The signs of a strong woman are kind and compassionate and you never perceive kindness as human weakness. For you it is a trait to help others in emotional need. Strong women always display compassion for others.

You are a compassionate woman

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5 You provide Unconditional Love and Support

Strong women provide support and compassion to others without asking anything in return. You always show others you are there as a rock to support them irrespective of the situation. You are a great shoulder to cry on and people look to you for motivation.

Unconditional Love and Support

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6 You Aren’t Afraid of displaying Emotions

If you’re truly a strong woman, you never look down on yourself or on other women for showing emotions. You know that hiding emotions can lead to greater problems. You speak your mind and allow others to hear your thoughts and feelings. You lend a listening ear to the women around you, and you never judge.

You Aren’t Afraid of displaying Emotions

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7 You Believe In Yourself

The most important signs of a strong woman is that you believe in yourself and is confident in everything you do. You work hard to achieve your dreams and greatest goals. You have faith in yourself and abilities to create the kind of life you would prefer to lead.

You Believe In Yourself

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8 You will find a way when the path isn’t clear

If you can’t find a solution to a problem or if the road to solving something isn’t yet clear to you, you will deviate and think from a different perspective. You won’t hesitate to adopt a new approach to solving the problem and find an alternative solution beneficial for everyone.

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9 You lead rather than follow

The world is full of strong independent women who have been world leaders in their time. If you know how to find your way around the rules, then you are a natural leader which is a true sign of a strong woman. Leaders are not exactly those who follow others or conventional ways of doing things. A leader innovates and thinks independently calling others to follow her example.

team leader

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10 You are most comfortable when you do things your own way

It’s more comfortable for you to do things your own way. These attitudes haven’t got anything to do with you having a superiority complex as some may feel, it’s just your natural way of doing things so that they are done as efficiently as possible.

discussion with team leaders

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11 You are a role model to someone

As a strong woman, you have people who come in contact with you looking up to you as a role model. You may not realize it, but among your family, friends and colleagues, there are a number of them who may be inspired by the way you lead your life and do things. Even at work, you may also have one of your superiors regarding you as a role model and an asset to the office.

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12 When you need help you ask for it

One of the traits of a strong woman is never felling embarrassed or afraid to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t humiliate anyone neither doesn’t make anyone feel small. As a strong woman, you know exactly your wroth and your achievements. Being confident you understand that asking for help will in no way undermine your value. Thus when you know a situation requires another hand, you won’t hesitate to ask for it.

doctor consulting pattient

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13 You offer comfort to people who need you although you may not be feeling strong yourself

This is another nature of a strong woman that borders on being compassionate. You may be under the weather or depressed about something yourself, but if you see someone requires a helping had to a shoulder to cry on, you do so. This is the best sign of a strong woman who will never give in even to her own depression just for the sake of others. Those mentally weaker or emotionally weaker than you will always turn to you for solace and comfort which is why you too are always helping others.


14 You have good intuition and follow it

They say a woman’s intuition is always deadly. Strong women will never listen to anyone except their own. You as a strong woman know much better what people or yourself needs. Through gut feeling and intutio, you take the right decisions. You have even tutored your mind to remain calm and listen to your inner voice.

Signs of strong woman

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15 You make your own happiness

If people don’t make you happy, you couldn’t care less because you know you may not get it. You’re by default a positive and intelligent person. When a strong woman doesn’t find happiness, she creates iot for herself. If you don’t allow a woman who be herself my woman. You never allow any negative thoughts to get the better of you and you always rise to any occasion.

Happy woman waving arms in air

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