The Reasons why the Buttons of Men and Women’s Shirts are Sewn on Either Side

Have you ever wondered why buttons on an upper garment are sewn and placed according to gender? Be it a shirt or a top, it is always buttons on the right for a male and on the left for a female. Why is that!! The possibilities of such reasons could well be due to the fact that dressing and fashion have evolved to a point where garments are not segregated by design. Earlier it was simple, trousers were for men, gowns and dresses were for women. But today that it isn’t so which is why someone decided to do something about it which is why buttons on women and men’s shirts are featured on either side.

It has everything with the concept of how men dressed themselves and women did not. In fact unlike today ladies in waiting were always on the beck and call of every woman and this has got everything to do with buttons as you will find out.


1 Earlier fashion trends were patriarchal in nature

The evolution of fashion isn’t a patriarchal concept anymore. Both men and women wear more similar clothes. Well! It’s mostly women who wear the styles of a male as you won’t really get men in dresses. However, one factor of men and women’s clothing ever has remained steadfast ever since women also wore tunics or inner shirts in the later centuries. There are several theories that have circulated as to what could be the reasons for buttons on men and women’s shirts sewn on either side. It doesn’t have anything to do with which hand is used most by males or females but something else.

Earlier fashion trends

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