17 Ironic Comics about the Little Struggles and Problems All Girls Face Everyday

5The bra I wear every day

There is always a comfy bra which we slip in and tend to never slip out of it because they are so darn comfortable! Excuses could be many like… it’s clean enough, it is still not stinking of sweat or it does not get that dirty etc etc….but girls to have some care and wash them out at least once a week!

The bra I wear every day

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It’s a really a mystery for many girls that there lady colleagues or classmates in office and in college have such fine manicured nails while the rest of us are having are blunt stubs of nails which we half gnaw and chew. How do they do it and maintain those perfect hands beats us?


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7When pregnant

Pregnant ladies in the commercials and movies look like the epitome of groomed beauty with not a single hair out of its place. But in reality, pregnancy means flabby limbs and nausea and nasty dragon-like mood swings for the rest of the real world.

When pregnant

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In the TV commercials, models just glide their razors through their already milky, clean and smooth skin whereas in real life shaving our hairy arms and legs might seem like an attempt to uproot an entire jungle for most of us, nothing smooth there!

Shaving Legs

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