17 Ironic Comics about the Little Struggles and Problems All Girls Face Everyday

Being a girl is a challenge in itself and we face a lot of additional battles every day but still keep our chins up and never let it bog us down. From choosing clothes to underwear, from bodily issues to relationships, there is a small element of upheaval in every aspect of our lives. These comic compilations are a tribute to all the brave girls out there who are facing different battles of their own but still have a smile on their face and hope in their hearts. On a lighter note, it is fun because all you girls will identify with them.


1Lifting our fingers

Well, periods are a bane to every girl in this world and though we hate even lifting our fingers during those annoying, painful and irritating days of the month still we go about our jobs and education without the world getting any idea about what’s happening inside our body and mind during those 5 days.

Lifting our fingers

Image Source: breakbird.com


2Wanting that perfect body

As a girl we all want to have the perfect body and curves like the models and actresses we gawk at the movies and glossy magazines. We even splurge a lot of money to get the same clothes, hairstyles and even lingerie to imbibe them but alas when we do get our makeovers, we look nothing like them at all. Still, that will never stop us girl from trying!

Perfact shape body

Image Source: hipwee.com

3What I mean when I say I have plans for the weekend

Yes, we all lie sometimes to our families and friends that we are having dazzling plans for the weekend so we cannot hang out with them but in reality, all we want is to kick back and relax the whole day long after a grueling work week and do nothing at all.

Plans for the weekend

Image Source: hipwee.com


4My ripped jeans

Yeah, those dangerous but cute ripped jeans which every girl wants to own and wear, but we look nothing like the mannequins or the models who wear the same ones. In fact out flabby bellies and generous thighs bulge out from the ripped parts to mock at the world at large but still, we wear them nonetheless.

My ripped jeans

Image Source: .hipwee.com


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