19 Posters That Truly Reflect the Power of Feminism and What International Women’s Day Means

 Many just think International Women’s Day is a day to honor women, but it isn’t only that. It reflects and symbolizes the struggles and upheavals that women have to face. It also represents the struggles and challenges that women feminists have had to face through modern history to fight for equal rights in a male-dominated society. Surprisingly though, even today, there are countries in the world that such rights don’t exist. In fact, even giving birth to a girl child is frowned upon. That being said, one feminist organization called the School of Feminism has come up with a unique idea to celebrate women’s day through posters that make everyone aware what International women’s day is truly all about.


1Voting rights

The organization uploaded a series of posters that have listed the greatest milestones in women’s rights stating that “Thanks to feminists, women can vote, work, abort [their pregnancies], divorce [spouses], wear pants, read any book [they like], use birth control, take out a loan…” In fact, if you want to download these posters and share them, feel free to do so.

New Zealand was the first self-governing country that allowed all women to vote in 1893. This was followed by South Africa in 1894 where women were also allowed to stand for elections.

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Education has always been near impossible for women in earlier times. Even till a century ago women were expected to stay home to do the cooking, washing, cleaning and looking after kids. In most countries around the world, this has changed.

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Even till the sixties, it was frowned upon when women wore pants. To go to places like church and social events, women were expected to wear dresses or skirts. Women feminists changed all that. Incidentally, the first International Women’s day was conceived after a Woman’s day was held on Feb. 28, 1909, by the Socialist Party of America.  The same was celebrated in Russia on March 8th. It became an annual event and was finally adopted by the UN in 1975.

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Seventy years ago, this concept was unthinkable and no husband would have agreed to it. There are still some countries and cities in the world where women aren’t allowed to work or leave home alone. Thankfully this modern world suits the concept of both partners working for added income.

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5Birth Control

While the modern world recognizes the importance of birth control, there are still countries and regions around the world that deny effective means of birth control to women.  Birth control is important.

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