12 Popular Beauty Tips Gone Viral On the Internet That Can Harm Your Health

I our quest for beautification tips and tricks, we often get misled by wrong advice that may result in an opposite effect of what we wanted. Such problems can also have long-lasting effects so you always have to be careful about what you read. Not everyone’s skin is the same and thus not all the time will certain things work for you. There are many beauty tricks and tips on the internet which can be weird and even dangerous. You can experience bad rash as well as other problems which can even affect your vision, etc. This article will provide you a list of famous beauty tips which can affect your healthy negatively even though they may be viral on the internet.


1Careprost for eyelash growth

Patients who used careprost to treat their glaucoma noticed that the growth of the eyelashes had fastened and the hair was much thicker. For some people, it didn’t make much of a difference. For a few cases, people starting losing their eyelashes. You should be cautious when you are using careprost.

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2Using essential oils for masks and wrapping

There is no harm using essential oils. You can get rid of cellulite by using citrus essential oils if you make a wrap using the oils at home, but you should avoid using excess of it. Essential oils are string and should be used with carriers if not they may form blisters and itchy patches because the essential oils can burn your skin. To be on the safe side, it is advised to add a few drops at a time.

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3Using a toothbrush for peeling lips

One popular tip after brushing your teeth is to use the toothbrush to massage your lips. The lip’s soft skin can undergo trauma by this method as it peels the skin off. The cracks present on your lips will be an ideal place for the bacteria present on your brush to live in.

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4Mustard mask for hair growth

One great mixture which can promote hair growth is sugar, mustard, eggs and oil. But you can experience your skin peeling off, burns, redness, etc. An allegoric reaction can be caused by mustard that can lead to suffocation, urticaria, eye swelling and even coughing. You should test it on your elbow and see the results before applying it on your face.

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