15 People Whose Motivational Weight Loss Photos Will Drag You Out of Bed and Straight to The Gym

6Loki: From 235 lb to 128 lb

This woman who was only identified as Loki on reddit and goes by the handle Loki6562 records her weight loss journey on reddit and even has her partner working out with her. Suffering from Plantar fasciitis, she didn’t allow her condition to stop her from losing weight. She believes in planking a lot and started from one to two minutes to 3-4 minutes and said it even gave her a 2 pack.


Image Source: akamaized.net/

7From 260 lb to 150 lb

This incredible weight loss example was found on reddit and this redditor u/hgs16 posted “Almost 2 years have passed since my before photo. I have recently recovered from skin removal and breast reconstruction from the weight loss. This year I plan to focus on muscle gain. Waist went from 48 into 26 in. H cup to a small D cup. Diet and gym time!”


\mage Source: dd.it/

8From 182 lb to 129 lb

Here is another redditor who goes by the id u/Healthforme. This shows if you are committed how much weight you can lose. She posted “Stuck to my New Year’s goal of working out at least 3x per week in 2019! Most consistent I’ve ever been with a workout routine and I feel amazing”


Image Source: redd.it

9Zach Vloger: From 463 lb to 220 lb

Zach Vloger suffered from weight loss issues all his life and would even find it difficult at school and sitting in a movie hall. When he was 19, his father suffered a heart attack that served as a wakeup call for Zach who went to a doctor and was diagnosed with hypertension and blood pressure issues. He said “I made it a life or death situation; I knew that my current lifestyle of eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it was killing me.” He then began exercising regularly and adopted a healthy eating routine. Today Zach is a fitness trainer and helps others with their weight loss goals.


Image Source: brightside.me

10Sandra Lala: From 200 lb to 135 lb

Redditor Sandralala is another inspirational figure that gives you motivation to start on your weight loss journey of your own. She says she tried several times in the past but finally found her routine and lost 65 pounds.


Image Source: reddit.com


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