This Is How People Live In The Harshest and Coldest Inhabited Place On Earth

13The people rarely came outdoors

Unlike the city, Oymyakon’s villagers though existing could hardly be seen. Chappelle found it difficult to meet people who always seemed to be dashing between homes with gloves kept close to their faces or those who were wandering drunk. The main reason was that people preferred staying within the warmth of their homes. A few warned Chappelle about rampant alcoholism problem during the holiday months.

people rarely came outdoors

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14You can’t grow vegetables in Oymyakon

The ground is too cold for growing vegetables. The people mostly depend on animal husbandry and municipal work like heating plants for earning money. The work also defines their eating habits which consist of frozen raw fish particularly arctic fish and salmon, horse liver, reindeer meat, frozen horse blood and meat soup. Once the temperature reaches -58 degrees F, life slowly begins to shut down.

vegetables in Oymyakon

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15Glasses can stick to your face

Life can be tough if you are wearing glasses which can end up freezing and sticking to your face. The tricks to living in such a place are life hacks like cars kept running or using heated garages.

Glasses can stick to your face

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16Summer temperatures are moderate

Summer temperatures in this area are surprisingly moderate and the record high was 96degrees F. However summers are extremely short but winter drags on making it seem forever. According to Chappelle, people actually complain about the warm weather.

Summer temperatures are moderate

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