This Is How People Live In The Harshest and Coldest Inhabited Place On Earth

9The name of the village translates as: “Frozen water”

Chapple’s saviors were described as “weirdly threatening” who fed him frozen horse blood and macaroni. The entrance to the village read “Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold.”. The name of the village “oymyakon” in Russian means “frozen water”

Frozen water

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10The effect of the cold started setting in

The freezing cold soon started taking a toll on Chappelle’s body. He felt as if the cold gripped his legs physically. Even his saliva would freeze into needles and prick his lips. Spending a full day in the village is extremely exhausting Chappelle described to the weather channel.

His breath was so foggy and thick like cigar smoke that he had to hold it up when clicking a picture. Even focusing was tough because the cold affected the mechanism of the camera.

The freezing cold

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11Outhouses need to be used in place of toilets

The freezing weather and ground makes it impossible for piping inside houses. Outhouses have to be used and running form home to toilet becomes a pain.


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12You can’t even bury your dead easily

Burying the dead is a big task. Before a burial, a large fire has to be lit on the ground to heat up the soil making it soft for digging up. One can well imagine the tough conditions which people need to undergo to survive.

large fire

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