This Is How People Live In The Harshest and Coldest Inhabited Place On Earth

5Friendly locals

Chapple befriended locals and even stayed in a small guest house in the city. He invited several of them for dinner but described the event as difficult because it is extremely hard to cook in the biting cold “I tried to cook meals for them as thanks, but it’s pretty hard to put together a plate of nachos in deep Siberia,” Chapple said.

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6What drives the economy?

The fact that the local population is well off is the bustling diamond trade that drives their economy. Even the effects of the cold war haven’t been felt in Yakutsk and Chapple described them as outward and outgoing Russians who don’t have a chip on the shoulder and some wounded pride about a long lost communist empire.

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7Barren road to Oymyakon

The city is hailed as the gateway to Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited town on earth. It was a two-day journey from Yakutsk driving down a barren road on which Chapple was stranded for two whole days. Ultimately he had to hitch a ride.

Barren road to Oymyakon

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8Stranded for two days

Car driving in low temperatures have to remain running at all times where gas stations along the route are open for 12 hours a day. Gas station workers in such areas usually get two weeks work and two weeks off. Chapple holed up in a guesthouse named “Café Cuba” surviving on Reindeer soup and steaming tea until he got a ride into the village.

 guesthouse named “Café Cuba

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