This Is How People Live In The Harshest and Coldest Inhabited Place On Earth

If you thought the cold temperatures in the USA are an indication of harsh weather conditions, then what would you say to the coldest place on earth where your saliva freezes on your face. Even so, life goes on and there are actually people living in a village termed the coldest village in the world. Who would want to go to the coldest place on earth? Of course, it exists in Russia where the town of Oymyakon sees extremely low temperatures averaging -58 degrees F every winter. The record so far was in 1924 when the temperature plummeted to -98 degrees F. Not much is known about the way of life in this freezing town which actually has a sizeable population.

However, Adventure photographer Amos Chapple decided to do a photoshoot on the incredible location and visited the village documenting through photography, how people lived in severe cold.

Oymyakon sees extremely low temperatures

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1Hardworking population

Nowhere in the world will you find humans more resilient than those in Oymyakon, Russia which is regarded as the cold inhabited place on earth. The population braves temperatures of – 58 degrees F and goes about their daily work in all normalcy.

Oymyakon, Russia

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2Yakutsk is the coldest capital in the world

The nearest city center is Yakutsk and Chapple visited both the village and the city. He spent five weeks in the area documenting the harsh conditions under which the local populace goes about their daily lives.

Yakutsk is the coldest capital in the world

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3Coldest capital city in the world

Yakutsk is the capital of the Sakha region in Northeastern Russia. It is also regarded as the coldest capital city in the world with a population of 300, 000 people. In Yakutsk, average winter temperatures are -30 degrees F.

Coldest capital city in the world

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4How he describes the locals

Locals in the region of the village and city are impeccably dressed, friendly and welcoming. Their local drink called Russki Chai is what helps them get by the cold. Incidentally, it isn’t tea if that’s what you’re thinking because it’s Vodka!

How he describes the locals

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