12 Older Models Who Are Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm

11Ron Jack Foley is truly ageless

Ron has the most magnificent hair you will see on a model, and we bet he is fully aware of his charisma. He is not just famous for his facial hair but for his fitness too. He is 50-years-old and recently started his foray in films. He also has friends in high places and almost 30,000 followers.

Ron Jack Foley is truly ageless

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12Eveline Hall is very versatile

Eveline is 72-years-old and is a German model, actress and singer. She has been singing and acting for a long time, but she only started taking acting seriously in her 60s, and started acquiring international fame. She has also been a part of several movies, TVs and was also the judge in a model reality show recently.

Eveline Hall is very versatile

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13Have you heard about Jenni Rhodes?

The 86-year-old English model began her fashion journey as a designer, and her work mostly had her staying behind the cameras. But Jenni has had a tremendous journey as she juggled modelling, freelancing and was also a single mother. Though she is not big on social media, she is one of the most successful models in showbiz, especially considering her age. She has also revealed that if she does decide to retire she will focus on jewellery making.

Jenni Rhodes

Image Source: huffpost.com

14Carmen Dell’Orefice is a true-blue legend

What if we tell you the most talented supermodel is the one who is in her mid-80s? Carmen is an 87-year-old New York-based model and though she is the oldest working model, she started modelling as a teenager and scored a Vogue cover when she was 15. Though she retired from acting in 1958, she made a return after her third divorce and has been going strong ever since. She was approached by a photographer’s wife when she was just 13 and she did eventually say yes to being photographed, but the photos did not go as planned. But a couple of years later she signed her first contract with Vogue. But sadly, Vogue lost interest in Carmen’s career as she grew older.

Carmen Dell'Orefice is a true-blue legend

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15Daphne Self is iconic

Daphne is a British model who is 88-years-old and in 2015, she got to be on the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest supermodel. She started modelling when she was just 21 when she surprisingly won a contest and got featured on the cover of a fashion magazine. Her first runway walk for Red or Dead made her a star. She has been on the cover of some of the most internationally renowned magazines. She has more than 59,000 followers on Instagram. She is also a fitness enthusiast and enjoys gardening and yoga. She also runs a modelling programme and has a blog.

Daphne Self is iconic

Image Source: express.co.uk


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