Ditch the chemical dyes and go for natural ways to color hair

We all crave to possess attractive looks and most of the times we can’t refrain ourselves from experimenting with our looks, especially when it comes to experimenting with our hair. Hair styling and different haircuts add exquisiteness to our appearance and refine our facial features. Even hair coloring has become a common trend in today’s society. But, the harmful chemicals may penetrate into your skin; causing skin irritation, respiratory problems and even cancer. But still, millions of people buy and use these artificial hair dyes, because they give them extraordinarily beautiful strands in no time. But, why do you waste your money on something that damages your hair and health, when you can get lovely and ravishing hair by using natural ways to colorhair? Natural hair dyes are not only inexpensive, but they also shield you from damaging your hair and health. So, let us go through some simple ways to color your hair naturally.


1 Use Coffee to dye your hair

Do you want to have a different shade of brown or black for your tresses? Well, you always have coffee for that purpose. You can brew a cup of strong coffee and mix it with two cups of conditioner after it cools down. Add two teaspoons of coffee ground in the potion. Apply the potion on clean hair and then rinsing it with apple cider vinegar will give you exceptionally amazing results. Believe it or not, once you try this method, you will never regret it. Repeating this method twice a week will let you have striking and beautiful shades.

 Use Coffee to dye your hair

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2 Your tresses will love Tea

Well, you will be surprised to know that even tea can offer you gorgeous looking hair. All you have to do is to make a strong potion of tea and allow it to cool down, after which you can mix it with leave-in conditioner as well. If you are looking for a natural dye that covers your greys as well, then tea and coffee won’t disappoint you for that matter. Pour it on your clean hair and enjoy marvellous shades of black and brown for your tresses.

tea can offer you gorgeous looking hair

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3 Go funky with Flowers

A beautiful red hue for your bewitching locks is promised by some flowers as well. Calendula, rosehips, marigold and hibiscus can give your strands a perfect red tint which you always dreamt of. Boil the flowers in water for not more than half an hour, allow it to come down to room temperature and apply it on your clean hair. You can even improvise the highlights of your tresses by drying them in the sun for a while. For blondes, sunflower petals and saffron boiled with Rhubarb roots gives wonderful results.


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4 Nourish you hair with herbs

For the people with dark hair, there are certain herbs that give striking results when it comes to using them as natural hair dyes. Herbs like nettle, rosemary and sage can be simmered together in water for about half an hour and the potion will be ready. Allow the potion to cool down and pour it on your hair for an hour or two. Don’t forget to use black tea if you want the shade to stay for a longer time. You can even repeat the process so as to have outstanding results.


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5 Henna gives amazing color

Well, we all know that henna is one of the most commonly used natural hair dyes. But little do we know that along with coloring our strands, it also nourishes and softens our hair. The beautiful orange-red tinge it provides makes it a wonderful option for people who have auburn and brunette tresses. You can simply mix the henna powder with water and lemon juice. Allow the mixture to thicken for a few hours and then apply it on your hair without rinsing for another few hours. Adding vinegar or eggs in the dye enhance the results tremendously.


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6 Spice up your look with spices

Spices don’t only add flavor and fragrance to your food; they might also help you in providing you marvellous highlights to your tresses. You can add one tablespoon each of allspice (also known as Jamaican pepper) and cinnamon along with half a tablespoon of cloves. The mixture should be dissolved in a cup of water and then applied on your hair. So, let the spices, spice up your life by giving you an amazing and trendy makeover for your hair.


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7 Use walnut Shells

Well, before throwing away broken walnut shells in your dustbin, think twice! You would be surprised to know that you can even use walnut shells for giving a natural tinge to your locks. You can crush the walnut shells and allow them to boil in water for a while. You can concentrate the dye for more intense shades. After the potion gets cooled down, you can pour it on your clean hair and rinse it with lukewarm water. You will be happy to see your wonderful dark brown strands tumbling down on your shoulders.

 Walnut Shells

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So, we can see how easily and effectively these natural products can be used to blush your tresses. These natural ways to color hair may not give quick results when compared to chemical hair dyes, but they will have no ill-effects on your health. Moreover, unlike chemical hair colors, these natural colors do not affect the scalp. These natural methods even cost much less when compared to artificial dyes and the best part is that you can easily make these dyes at home. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to get dazzle in amazing tresses and that too in a natural and simple way!


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