7 Mistakes we make in our choice of clothes that prevent us looking our best

We can painstakingly hit the gym twice a day, diet and eat green apples all week long but end up looking like a hag when it come to the BIG date or the BIG business presentation which dampens your spirits as well as confidence. Clothes can even overshadow your skills and talent which is dangerous. To prevent you from making wrong clothing choices we decided to help you with advice to stop making these 7 mistakes when choosing clothes.

1 Avoid Large Squares

Clothes that have large chequered patterns or vertical stripes drastically add flab to your slender figure making you look flabby and FAT. Instead you must always opt for neutral prints and just plain solid colours which do not drive the attention away from YOU. If you are in love with checks, then go for smaller prints than the large boyish ones.

Avoid Large Squares

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2 Horizontal Prints

Now horizontal prints may look fashionable but alas it’s not, meant for everyone. It usually meant for slender and petite forms which adds up to the volumes of the lower body. But there is hope you can choose for vertical stripes which achieve the opposite effect making you taller and slimmer, and you can team it with classic combination of different colours.

Horizontal Prints

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3 Too much Decoration

Among wrong clothing choices, this is the most common trap that women fall for over trimming and excess decorations which gives you an odd look which is not a compliment at all. Endless ruffles, folds and frills adds to the confusion and the couple of extra size to your silhouette. Try clothing with a simplistic look, such as zip up skirt which makes you; look slimmer and taller and elegant.

Too much Decoration

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