Take a look inside a Japanese home and you’ll understand why they love minimalism

In the era of minimalist design, there is no one better than the Japanese to display the very essence of minimalism incorporated in their daily life. A Japanese home is minimalist to the core right form design to furnishing, fittings and accessories. There is an important psychological truth in minimalism which can easily state that the less you spend on cluttering your home, there more order and organization there will be even in daily life. Take a look at how a regular Japanese family lives and you’ll understand why Japanese love minimalism. Minimalism.

1 No beds

In several Japanese homes, people may not even have beds. The floor is so clean that they prefer mattresses on floor instead.

No beds

Image Source: www.brightside.me


2 No toiletries lying around

Even in the bathroom, you won’t find toiletries lying around. Shampoos and soaps are all concealed on ledges.

No toiletries lying around

Image Source: www.hronika.info

3 Only regular clothes in wardrobes

You will find only clothes worn everyday in the closet and nothing extra.

Only regular clothes in wardrobes

Image Source: www.yimg.com

4 Minimal bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture consists of only a table and chair besides a bed if there is one.

Minimal bedroom furniture

Image Source: www.ooork.com

5 Nothing in the refrigerator

The refrigerator will contain only the bare necessities and no junk food.

Nothing in the refrigerator


6 And nothing in the kitchen either

A Japanese kitchen will be sparkling clean with the least crockery and cutlery as they believe too many utensils and knives and forks dirty and untidy the place.

Japanese kitchen

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

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