12 Awesome interior design ideas to give our home an even better look

If you’re lacking in some cool innovative interior design ideas, then check out these awesome ways you can add, construct or integrated these ideas that will give your home a novel and unique look. Some of these ideas are pure genius where even traditional designers may not possess such creativity of design.


1 Table top mini fridge

A table top mini fridge works both ways. Either you place a small fridge beneath your table top or customize a small refrigerator with a granite or marble table top which can be used as a small cocktail table or bar top.

Table top mini fridge

Image Source: www.infomazza.com


2 Convert your door into a bookshelf

When you lack space, then utilize the back of your door and convert it into a bookshelf. A great space saving idea for compact homes.

convert your door into a bookshelf

Image Source: www.designerdreamhomes.ru


3 Drawers beneath cabinets

Constructing drawers beneath cabinets is a great idea of storing knick knacks and crockery instead of allowing them to clutter your kitchen.

Drawers beneath cabinets

Image Source: www.tmbi.com


4 Dog grooming zone

This is a fantastic idea to save the rest of your house form getting messy when grooming your dog. A dog grooming station not only disciplines your dog in recognizing a specified area bit keeps the process hygienic too.

Dog grooming zone

Image Source: www.liked.hu


5 Under staircase storage

Utilizing space beneath stairs is a great way for storage. You can construct shelves for storing items, hardware, books or a shoe rack. When constructing your storage make sure you have the correct tools for wooden pieces, check out this website to give you some help in your DIY project.

Under staircase storage

Image Source: www.theessexbarn.com


6 Staircase Bookshelf

This is a great innovative idea of converting the entire interior of the staircase into a bookshelf. In fact you could also place a bean bag or small chair and table and make it your reading zone.

Staircase Bookshelf

Image Source: www.imagicasa.be


7 Unique social pit

This is an amazing pit style living room design complete with a short flight of steps leading into the area. A novel way of making more room for guests.

Adorable Pitt Sectional Sofas household furniture on Home Decoration Consept

Image Source: www.sofaio.com


8 Platform storage

If your home features a platform such as this, then what better way to use it than for storage space? It would hold a lot and make your home look neater.

Platform storage

Image Source: www.homedit.com

9 Kids playroom above stairs

What better way to construct a kid’s playroom than above the stairs. A perfect place to keep them out of mischief.

Kids playroom above stairs.jpg

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com

10 Knife block

Knives should always be placed in a knife block. This particular block uses space in an aesthetic way and serves it utility purpose.

Knife block

Image Source: www.time-go.ru


11 Bi folding doors

Bi folding doors make great decorative appeal and beautiful interior design ideas when connecting a beautiful interior and a well landscaped exterior.

Bi folding doors

Image Source: www.ennty.com

12 Wall paper can make a huge difference

Wallpaper and paint with colorful accents will convert the entire look of a bedroom or room. Wall paper is an affordable way of improving your room and you have hundreds of designs to choose from. You could combine this with matching paint for ceilings.

Wall paper can make a huge difference

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co


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