Interesting Cool Hiding Places


Fans of secret passageways and hidden rooms are going to love some of these unique hiding spots. You like to find a way to hide your money and valuables then you might want to check out some of these costume built hiding places.

1 The Secret Study

What teenager would not want to have their secret study where they can just push a button or a shelf and be in their private world? One couple did just that for their teen daughter. On the outside, it looks like a regular shelf with some of her favorite stuffed animals and a volleyball. One slight push and this young lady has a secret study that is well lit complete with her laptop and desk. How cool is that?

The Secret Study

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2 The Hidden Room

When moving to their new home in Mesa, Arizona retired school teacher Louise Kircher and her husband Donald a former Boeing Accounting Manager got more than what they thought they would. In their master bedroom is an additional staircase the couple did not know existed. Behind this mysterious staircase, it reveals another room where Kircher’s store an antiquated bedroom set and a mummy’s coffin.

The Hidden Room

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3 Unique Hiding Places

For those who have the capital and are looking for a unique way to keep your hiding spots hidden there are companies out there that will make special hiding passageways for you. Using everything from grandfather clocks, paintings to the other household items you can add that unique touch to your special hiding spot. Costs for these specially designed hiding places can range anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000. If this is the route, you are going to choose then you might want to make sure you are protecting something that is of significant value.

Unique Hiding Places

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4 Secret Wine Cellar

Would you like to have a secret wine cellar but don’t have the cash or space to make one. They will make a hole in the ground and take out any dirt. This will give you the necessary spacing to build a secret stairway. The wine cellars are kept at temperatures that will prevent the wine from spoiling.

Secret Wine Cellar

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5 The Mysterious Playroom

This is a neat one for children. You can transform your child’s wardrobe into a secret passageway that leads to their favorite playroom with toys. That was the concept behind this owner’s thinking. They painted the room dark, with antique furniture and wood-trimmed windows and the large dresser which when you push it reveals the secret playroom.

The Mysterious Playroom

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6 The Hidden Apartment Garage

In some cases building a secret passageway, adds a financial benefit as well as in the case with the owners of this home. The owners of the company were trying to devise a way to increase the tenant’s rent. Their solution was a hidden garage that hides behind the front entrance. In doing, so, they were able to avoid the city of San Francisco’s strict city codes and charge a higher rent.

The Hidden Apartment Garage

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7 The Mysterious Ticket Booth

Check out this ticket booth built by one of the leading companies in devising secret passageways. On the outside, it resembles your average ticket booth. However, if you push on it reveals a secret room.

The Mysterious Ticket Booth

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