Important Psychological Tricks to Help You Get an Edge Over Others

Have you ever been in a situation where you could recognise a few psychological gestures but could not decipher them accurately? Did the thought ever occur to you that these simple tricks when learnt, can give you an edge over others? We have compiled some such important psychological tricks for you to understand them better.

1 Here is how you can make eye contact with another person if you find it tough to do so normally

We all know how important it is to maintain a steady eye contact with another person during a formal conversation. Some people may be naturals at this art while some others may struggle and fumble. For the latter types, here is an easy hack to do this job without stress. While talking/listening to the other person, examine the colour of the person’s eyes and get so immersed in it that it becomes a natural act. Usually, it is people with low self-confidence, shyness and self-worth issues that face this problem.

eye contact with another perso

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2 The direction of the body speaks volumes about a person’s interest levels in speaking with you

When you are talking to somebody, you must make it a point to notice their body alignment. If you find that only their torso is turned towards you and not the feet too, it shows that the person is not very keen in continuing with the conversation. Similarly, when two people are talking and a third one approaches them and if he finds only their upper bodies turned towards him, It goes to show that he is not welcome to join the conversation. When someone is keen to talk with you, he will make it a point to turn completely towards you, signalling full attention and participation.

 The direction of the body speaks

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