Important Psychological Tips That Can Simplify Your Life

In our quest to get ahead of others and be in the know-how of things, we often take the longer route building up on stress. Did you know that there are some easy psychological tips that can easily be learnt and implemented in our day to day lives taking off pressure? We bring you some such easy psychological tips that can help simplify your life.

1 The Top Row of a shelf at The Supermarket

If you are looking for some cheaper products at a supermarket, aim for the topmost row as that is where they are likely to be found. Such products are never placed at eye level shelves.

The Top Row of a shelf at The Supermarket

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2 Longer lasting candles

If you are looking for candles to burn for a longer time, it is better to freeze them for a couple of hours prior to that.

Longer lasting candles

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3 Quality Check for printer Ink

When checking for printer ink to be of good quality, you could print the google logo to test for that as it has all the main colours in it.

Google logo printing test

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4 Your eating speed reveals your weight

Did you know that you could gain over 4lb if you wolfed down your food? It has been proved that those that ate slowly gained only 1.5 lb as compared to the over 4lb weight gain of those that ate their food very fast? Eat slowly for an optimal weight.

eating speed

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5 The Dress Code to Visit the Zoo

If you want to stay safe from animal attack at the zoo, take care to dress in similar shades of colors as that of the zoo personnel.

the Dress Code to Visit the Zoo

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