If You Love The Color Yellow, This Is What It Really Means

Finding someone who would choose the color yellow as their favorite color is quite hard. Since yellow is one of the world’s least favorite colors it’s no surprise that very few people would pick yellow as their favorite color. In spite of this, there are some who really like the color and this could probably tell us a lot about their personality. Yellow being a bright color usually tells us that the people who like it do have a very bright personality along with many other traits that might come as a surprise to you.


So, for those few people who like yellow, here are some aspects of your personality which you can be proud of

1You like to learn and share knowledge

If your favorite color is yellow then you are someone who really loves to learn about new things and share whatever you know with other people as well. It’s not necessary that whatever you share will be specifically related to your job. It could be something trivial or perhaps even weird. You just enjoy learning about all the things you possibly can.


Image Source: spokeright.com

2It’s really easy for you to be find happiness

You tend to be a positive person who seeks out happiness which is precisely why happiness is something that comes to you easily. You always see the glass as half full. People who have yellow as their favorite color usually try very hard to see the bright side of thing, even though looking at the downside of things may be way easier. You do your best to make the most of any situation.


Image Source: brightside.me

3You are similar to a ray of sunshine

Being crazy over the yellow color will often get you compared to the sun. Even more so, if you are overly positive, bright, and always looking for happiness. With you around, there is never a dull moment or there is no bad weather or clouds. This is mainly because you force yourself to only see the good side of every situation you find yourself in. So whatever the situation may be like, you always are the one with a big bright smile on your face at all times.


Image Source: mojly.com


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