This is the ideal male body type that women are attracted to according to science

Even as you being a man may be perplexed at to what type of body would attract a woman most, what science says will fascinate you even more. You may even shake your head in disbelief that it isn’t those fantastic super toned, 5 pack abs dominated body that women actually squeal about. It’s entirely something else and you may be even having it too. Read on what science says is the ideal body that attracts women.

1 What could be the ideal body that attracts women?

Most men are obsessed in knowing what body type would attract women. It is a common assumption that women may love those muscular men but in real life and according to science, it’s another story altogether.

ideal body that attracts women

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2 What science says about the ideal body type?

According to science, women don’t fall for muscular men. They love men with a bit of flab who are about chubby. In fact there is a scientific name for such body types but read on.

The Dad Bods

Science terms such body types as Dad Bods. This is the common body type that most men will have as they reach middle age. Testosterone levels reduce with aging and surprisingly that s also good for health.

The Dad Bods

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3 Such men live longer

Men with Dad Bods are healthier according to science and will also enjoy a longer lifespan in comparison to the muscular types.

Such men live longer

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4 Healthier immunity

Research claims that such men have an improved immune system and less likely to suffer the risk of diseases like prostate cancer and heart disease.

So there you have it. Now that you know the ideal body that attracts women, you have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders each time you look in the mirror at your small paunch although it should never be a big one and exercise never hurt anyone.

Healthier immunity

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