Forget About Hysterics or How to Dress a Toddler Without Objections

Your little one has finally turned two and you have felt that it is becoming easier to interact with your baby. With a certain vocabulary your daughter or son uses, it is clear what they want. And in the majority of cases, your child will be even obedient. However, in a couple of months, the situation has changed or may worsen. These are the signs of the crisis of three years. How to recognize it?


Every parent will know for sure when this crisis begins. There are hardly those who have not experienced this period. This is the time when your toddler is trying to expand the boundaries and wants to feel its significance and independence, no matter how ridiculous this sounds. One of the most annoying and hard things to do is to make your child change clothes. Any time, you will hear “No!” We have prepared a couple of tips that may help to dress your persistent toddler.

1Dressing a Three-Years-Old Toddler

Try finding outfits that require as little manipulations as possible. When you are shopping for toddler clothing for the upcoming season, look for the items that are quick to put on. Overalls, zipper hoodies, and loose pants can become the best friends.


If it is too hard to change your little rebel when clothes are dirty, think if this is really so necessary now. Probably, you can wait for a while before going out or the outfits are not so much dirty. Remember, the more fuss you make about changing and dressing, the lower is the probability that your toddler will agree to cooperate.

Unfortunately, lots of parents are not ready for such persistence. Of course, yesterday, your little daughter or son was cute and obedient. While, in the recent several days, you cannot recognize your little angel. For this reason, they make mistakes that won’t help them persuade their little toddler. Check some of them to avoid.

  1. Do not try making your baby follow your strict instructions. This behavior is obviously an attempt of a little person to show their independence and abilities. If you try to provide them with strict instructions on how to act, they will become even more eager to refuse and say “No!”
  2. Do not compare your baby with a sibling or another child. Sometimes, it seems that you are setting an example of the proper behavior, however, this is one of the most crucial mistakes parents can make. There are a lot of reasons why the comparison is ineffective and harmful for the future of your baby.
  3. Do not interrupt your daughter or son when they are busy with something. Compare this situation with the one when you have to stop doing something you really enjoy and begin dealing with laundry or anything else you hate. For a toddler, the period of crisis is complicated as well. That is why it is better to help them instead of pushing. What difference will it make if you go out half an hour later?
  4. Do not insist on clothes your child refuses to put on. There can be quite an objective reason for this. What if a baby feels discomfort and cannot properly explain this? This is not the reason in all the cases, however, it won’t harm to pay due attention and check if something can irritate the skin or be too tight for your baby.

Dealing with a stubborn toddler is not easy. Avoid making the above mistakes and look for compromise so that not to be irritated and not to stress too much your little one. After all, this period will soon be over, why glooming your parenthood with negative emotions. Here are some more tips:

Dressing a Three-Years-Old Toddler

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  1. Create an interesting game for dressing. This can be a finger play, alternatively, it’s possible to create funny names to pieces of wardrobe, etc. Make use of your imagination. The more fun, the more distracted your baby will be during changing.
  2. If it is safe, stand near the window sill and observe the world while you are putting clothes on. It is an interesting way of distraction along with the possibility to talk about something captivating with a curious toddler.
  3. Choose clothes with favorite cartoon heroes and those of favorite colors. Sometimes, it may even help to shop together with your little fashionista. This is a trick many parents use to persuade their kids to put on the clothes they have chosen themselves.
  4. Suggest a choice for your child. However, make sure that the options your toddler is choosing from are pre-approved by you. In other words, select several items to choose from and let your baby feel this so much desired independence.
  5. Stay calm and consistent as sometimes, you are ready to give up, and accidentally, your baby calms down as well. Feeling that a parent is confident and reliable is the most secure feeling for a baby. If you are not irritated and nervous, your baby will likely imitate such behavior.
Toddler dressing

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Sometimes, even the smartest tricks don’t work. In these cases, we recommend you taking a small pause to calm down and wait for a while. If you don’t go out today, the world won’t stop. This is a temporary crisis and every baby will overcome it. Just a bit of patience and you will forget about this period quite soon.


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