How to decorate your home in the most beautiful ways.

Sometimes it can be a real struggle to decorate a very small living space. And even though those cute and cozy little apartments on the Internet look wonderful, in reality people have their belongings and use them and they have to keep them in their small apartments. These are a few tips that would help you decorate, paint, organize and make your small space visually larger.

1 Multi-purpose

When comes to small spaces, it is a rule that everything has to have a double purpose. For e.g. the dresser might also be your TV stand and your stairs can be also drawers. Having furniture that transforms from one thing to another is one of the best ways to get maximum value with a minimal footprint.


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2 It’s about vertical thinking

This way you will create more space. Putting shelves stretched over doors and up to the ceiling or loft-like beds that are elevated, this way you are making space and you are letting your small home breathe. This is also a smart way to draw the eye upward to create the illusion of volume.

It’s about vertical thinking

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