Want to know which hairstyle suits you best? Choose hairstyles according to your face

5 The Rectangular Shaped Face

With a prominent and well defined chin and cheekbones, a rectangular face will look really pretty with a bob-cut, combined with a fringe. Medium waves and a fringe would look equally good.

The Rectangular Shaped Face

Image Source: www.bibinews.com

6 The Oval Shaped Face

When you have an oval face you need not worry about hairstyles according to your face. Among all facial shapes, this is the one that is compatible with all hairstyles. However, to shine and stand out, a bob-cut would look cool and spectacular. But so would a medium length hairstyle. If you’re going out for a social event or a big party where you’re wearing a gown then to spruce things up, sport light waves with medium length hair. You’ll look gorgeous.

The Oval Shaped Face

Image Source: www.brightside.me


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