Want to know which hairstyle suits you best? Choose hairstyles according to your face

3 The Heart-Shaped Face

Quite a few people have a heart-shaped face of which the most prominent and distinct feature is the chin. Medium length flowing hair is quite compatible with this shape or even medium length curls. For a casual date or work you could sport a side ponytail. The reason for abiding by hairstyles according to your face is to draw the attention away from distinctive features, in this case the chin. You need to focus on your cheeks, eyes and forehead.

The Heart Shaped Face

Image Source: www.allforfashiondesign.com

4 The Diamond Shaped Face

When you have a diamond shaped face, you need to soften the prominent horizontal elongation of the cheek area and tone down sharp lines. Featuring a medium length hairstyle with a side parting is best suited for a diamond shaped face. You could also try the pixie cut which looks so damn cute on a lot of women. A thick fringe with waves down the sides will also give you a classy look.

The Diamond Shaped Face

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