Want to know which hairstyle suits you best? Choose hairstyles according to your face

Have you always been in a dilemma as to what hairstyle looks good on you? You sit there fretting and fuming at your new hairdo, before a party, all because it’s just not you. But wait a minute, it isn’t your fault, nor is it the your hair stylist who may lack the insight of a very important fact. YOUR FACE! Yes, your face counts a lot when your hairstyle is concerned. Facial structure determines what style would make you look your best. It’s all about the proportionate angles just as in art.

Hopefully, this article will provide you enough information to realize what you’ve been doing wrong till now, as you can now chose hairstyles according to your face to make a style statement, and be the center of attraction at any party.

1 The Circular Face

If you have a circular face, you should feature styles that sport a longer length of hair. Long straight hair would be top notch for you, making you look sexy and elegant. Alternately, you could choose a straight long fringe or a wavy ponytail. Either of these options would make you look good and suit your face. With a round face you should never cut your hair to the level of your chin to avoid making your face appear plump and rounder.

The Circular Face

Image Source: www.brightside.me


2 The Square Face

Like the round face, a square face too has more mass and as a result also needs longer hair. However, to tone down and soften the squarish features, long curls are best. In fact get your hair styled in multiple layers which would make you look, both chic and cute. A short sideways fringe also works just as well on a square face, but the sides need to be of a longer length so that your cheeks remain covered.

The Square Face

Image Source: www.vk.me

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