15 Habits That Are Ruining Your Life Without You Even Knowing

11How to stop?

We snack because we feel like it, not because we are actually hungry. Next time you have a desire to snack, just drink some water. Sometimes what we feel is huger is actually thirst. A better alternative is to switch to healthy snacks. These are widely available and in trend now.


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12We spend time indoors

Our parents and grandparents often complain that we spend all our time indoors, unlike them, who always liked being outdoors. The outdoors are considerably different now than in their time. It is much hotter outside and there isn’t a lot of open space. However, we must have some contact with nature every day. Simply go to a park or even a mall to meet some people and make friends.


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13Overusing painkillers

Anytime we experience any pain, we quickly pop a painkiller. Medications like ibuprofen and aspirin are widely available and overused by almost everyone. Over time, these can make you dependent on them. They also pose risks of causing ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Try using these only when absolutely necessary. Also, try using herbal remedies.


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14Smoking and drinking

This is not new information. We all know that smoking and drinking adversely affect health. But we just ignore it and do it anyway, hoping nothing bad happens to us. But smoking and drinking do adversely affect health. Drinking affects the liver and smoking affects the lungs and is a major cause of lung cancer. Drinking affects brain function and motor function. There are many other ways to handle stress apart from smoking and drinking. They may be indulged in occasionally but not on a regular basis.


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15Not sleeping enough

In our busy lives, we have a lot to worry about. Most people suffer from insomnia or a lack of sleep. This may be moderate or even serious. However, it should never be ignored. Not sleeping enough can affect mood, brain function and immune system function. It can also reduce the body’s ability to fight infections and can increase cortisol, the stress hormone.


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