15 Habits That Are Ruining Your Life Without You Even Knowing

We all have habits, things we do instinctively and automatically. We picked them up when we were young and now we don’t have to think twice before doing it but are they good or bad for us? The answer is they are in a grey area. Some habits are good for us while others are bad.


How can we tell which is which? We have a short list for you. These are some habits everyone has and have no idea how bad these are for them. If we don’t change ourselves we will end up ruining our lives.

1Being present in our activities

Usually, when we want to do something by ourselves we do it wholeheartedly. But when we are forced to do something, we are annoyed by it. A good example of this is chores. We have to do them but we don’t like them. Instead of doing it grudgingly and wishing we were somewhere else doing something fun, we should consider chores as something necessary and not negative. This time can be a relaxing alone time, where we think about our day and reflect on our actions.


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2Wishing we were somewhere else

Another bad habit that most of us fall prey to is wishing we were somewhere else. This can be as simple as doing the dishes and wishing we were out with friends partying. Or it could be complex, like wishing for a completely different life. As nice as it is to wish, these don’t really help. It just makes us bitter to think of what we don’t have. The solution is to simply appreciate the life we have.


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3We are consumers

All day and all year round, all we do is consume. Goods and services of various prices are consumed by us. This may be a problem because sometimes it is important to even give back to society and not just consume. Small acts of kindness really add meaning to our lives driven by money. It helps us become better people.


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4Being alone

Individuality is one of the most essential values in the world today. Families are smaller, friends are fewer and people are less sociable. However, man is a social animal and cannot live in isolation. Finding friends and spending time with family helps our mental and physical health and we function better. Choose some group activities over individual activities in daily life.


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5A sedentary lifestyle

Most of us work in such a manner that we have to sit all day. Whether we work in offices, at home, or attend school or college, most of the time, we sit. This has several negative impacts on our health. Our spine is affected; hormone productions are affected. Endorphin is the happiness hormone and it reduces when we sit for too long.


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