Four Foolproof Ways on How to Recognize a Liar


Liars are everywhere and though they won’t acknowledge it, they will lie left right and center. Being lied to is one of the worst feelings anyone can get but this can be nipped in the build the moment a person is lying. According to experts of psychology, there are four signs a person is lying. This is based on factors of textual and linguistic analysis. Read on how to spot a liar.

4 Liars avoid mentioning themselves

A liar will always try to distort the truth and that’s why they will avoid any conversation about themselves. They would rather speak or write about others instead but will do so in the third person so as to distance themselves from the subject of the conversation and the lies.

How to spot a liar

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3 A liar’s speech attitude is always negative

Liars are very negative people and it stems from their own subconscious guiltiness of repeatedly speaking lies. Conscience is a thing that can really prick you and although liars too have one it doesn’t deter them from lying but they do feel somewhat guilt too.

How to spot a liar by actions

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2 A liar’s explanations are as simple as possible

Liars will always think of a simple lie to make it authentic but that is also due to their brains that can’t exactly work in overtime trying to think up complicated lies. Hence the reason to be as simple as possible. They don’t judge or evaluate as it would be complicated to do so.

liar’s explanations

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1 A liar uses tries to confuse people

Liars will make a simple explanation into a distorted one just to confuse people. Despite simple explanations, liars use complicated and intricate sentence structure, inserting excess words and insignificant but plausible-sounding details that help them inflate their deceit.

A liar uses tries to confuse people

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And the most important part: Eyes don’t lie

If any of the above signs on how to spot a liar can’t be determined by you then the last and most revealing one is to watch the eyes. Lying makes anyone nervous and increases heart beat and causes palpitations. It also results in pupils getting dilated.

Eyes don’t lie

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