Floating extravaganzas – The top 10 most expensive yachts In the world


If you own a yacht, then you most certainly are a billionaire. Among the world’s Elite, owning a superyacht is a status symbol. The more expensive the vessel, the better; it is to such effect that these ten super expensive yachts have been acquired by the world’s richest of men. Filled with state of the art technology, opulent interiors and luxurious amenities superseding even five-star hotels, each yacht is extravagance beyond compare and cost millions of dollars. So take a look at the most frightfully expensive of superyachts in the world today.

10 The Rising Sun-$200 million

If $200 million was considered cheap for a yacht, one can well imagine the cost of the world’s most expensive. The Rising Sun belongs to Hollywood producer David Geffen. Complete with wine cellar, Movie Theater and 82 rooms spread over 5 floors, the price tag could well be compared to the GDP of a small nation. It shows the diverse nature of money, where a country may require that much for development, a man uses it to buy a boat.

The Rising Sun

Image Source: www.yachtharbour.com


9 Seven Seas – $200 Million

Guess who owns this beautiful item. Its owner is none other than Steven Spielberg. The fact that the Seven Seas has just seven opulent suites to accommodate 12 guests reflects its exclusivity having been designed for the purpose. Apart from the usual luxury, it also features a gymnasium, a helipad, and a private deck meant especially for its owner to revel in isolation. Perhaps this is where he gets those bouts of creativity.

Seven Seas

Image Source: www.listsurge.com

8 Lady Moura – $210 Million

A yacht with 24 karat gold lettering embellished on its name has to be in this list of most expensive yachts in the world. Well, maybe there’s too much money going around for such people to think up any more ideas for the extravagance. Owned by Saudi Billionaire, Nassar Al Rashid, mystery enshrouds the Lady Moura well like its name. Built for a 30 guest accommodation, the Yacht runs on approximately 7000 HP engines which is extremely impressive in terms of power.


Image Source: www.liveyachting.com


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