10 Common Mistakes That You Make While Using Deodorant

8Wearing deodorant even when it’s not necessary

Your sweat will be more conspicuous to odor-causing bacteria generated in the armpits, in accordance with your genetic background. A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2013, people who have the ABCC11 gene produce no underarm odor. But many such people still wear deodorant without any actual need to. You can find out whether you have this gene by taking a genetic test if you want to save yourself from spending on unnecessary chemical cosmetic products.

Wearing deodorant

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9Wearing a deodorant that doesn’t really suit your needs

You should choose products based on your daily needs such as a deodorant which lasts for 8 hours if you aren’t too physically active during the day. But for those who have to be up and about during the day, it would be wiser to use antiperspirant whose effect can last for 24 – 72 hours. Beside antiperspirants are best for people who are prone to heavy sweating, who engage in athletic activities, or who are exposed to high temperatures. However, you should only use it occasionally if you have sensitive skin in your armpits or suffer from underarm irritation. There are even antiperspirants that are deodorants as well which can give you the advantage of not sweating too much and smelling nice too.

Wearing a deodorant

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10Wearing the same product when you exercise and when you go to work

While exercising or performing any kind of physical activity, your body’s natural reaction will be to generate heat and a lot of sweat. Due to this your deodorant may not be able to mask your strong odors and keep you fresh. It is recommended to wear a special deodorant that is specifically made for athletic activities. There are even some natural products designed for this purpose as well.

Wearing the same product

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