10 Common Mistakes That You Make While Using Deodorant

4Using deodorant as an antiperspirant

One fundamental fact that you should always remember is that deodorant and antiperspirant are completely different products. While deodorant is basically considered as a cosmetic which is meant for controlling or suppressing unpleasant odors. What deodorants usually do is mask such odors. Since deodorants are typically alcohol-based, they tend to become acidic when applied on the skin. This makes skin less attractive to bacteria which are the main cause for your bad body odor.


Antiperspirants, however, don’t mask smells but are meant to stop your sweating. In some countries like the US antiperspirants are even regulated as drugs since they directly affect a specific bodily function.

Using deodorant as an antiperspirant

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5Wearing synthetic fabrics on hot days

On hot days wearing synthetic fabric, tight-fitting clothing can cause underarm stains on them. These kinds of clothes tend to even make you sweat more. Rather than wear such skin-tight material, it would be better to wear loose-fitting clothes made from breathable fabric like cotton, moisture-wicking blends, and linen. This will be better, especially if you perspire very heavily. Moreover, wearing the appropriate clothing will keep your body cool and prevent or control bad odors due to sweating.

Wearing synthetic fabrics on hot days

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6Not keeping yourself hydrated

Besides drinking water, your body’s overall hydration comes from the foods you eat as well. For example, some vegetables and fruits are known to be hydrating foods as they contain a lot of water. Such foods include, cucumbers, lettuce, melon, strawberries, watermelon, and oranges. Along with drinking water you should eat these types of foods to keep your body hydrated and cool. This will also help in preventing excessive underarm sweating.

Not keeping yourself hydrated

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7Wearing too much deodorant

How much deodorant you should apply depends on the type of product you have. For instance, aerosol deodorants should be sprayed from 15 cm away from your armpit. In fact, some deodorants come labelled with instructions on how much to spray and how to spray.

Experts recommend not spraying too much deodorant because it simply isn’t necessary and the rule of thumb states that spraying each armpit for about 2 seconds is enough. If you have a roll-on deodorant then roll it over your underarm a few times to make sure it covers your entire skin. If it’s a stick you prefer, then apply it just 2-3 times.

Wearing too much deodorant

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