12 Clothing Items That May Not Be Good For Your Health

9Gladiator sandals

The new trendy gladiator sandals with straps wrapping around the ankles and calves may not be good for your legs. These sandals disrupt the blood circulation in your legs making them really uncomfortable to have on. A disrupted blood flow can gradually lead to edema and varicose veins. Wearing them occasionally is fine, just don’t wear them regularly.

Gladiator sandals

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10Tight headbands

Synthetic elastic headbands may at times compress the frontalis muscles which might cause you a lot of discomfort and headaches. Alternatively, you can use headbands that are made from natural fabrics and which are looser.

Tight headbands

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11Baseball Caps

Hats are meant to protect your head and face from the sun’s rays. Baseball caps don’t really serve this purpose because they leave the ears and neck open, and these areas can get sunburnt quickly. So, whenever you want to wear baseball caps, make sure to apply sunscreen on your neck and ears. Straw hats aren’t a suitable option either, because the sun’s rays can easily go through them.

Baseball Caps

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12Sunglasses without special markings

Sunglasses are meant for protecting your eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation and not simply the brightness of the sunlight. If your glasses aren’t labelled as UV 400 or anything alike, then it probably is just a normal accessory that won’t provide much protection to your eyes. The darkness of the lenses cannot define UV protection which is why black glasses can do more harm than good. Such glasses make your pupils dilate and without any UV filter, your eyes can end up being seriously damaged. Always buy sunglasses at specialized stores that have a special device known as a photometer.

Sunglasses without special markings

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