10 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Efforts to Look Perfect

6Dressing out of place

You won’t exactly improve your image if you don a cocktail dress for a day at work or by wearing high heels for walking on cobblestones. It doesn’t matter how expensive your clothes are or what brand of shoes you are wearing because if you aren’t dressed for the part then it will always look inappropriate and out of place.


You might feel even clumsier when you realize that you are wearing the wrong type of clothes for the occasion. To avoid these kinds of mistakes that prevent you from looking good, find out the dress code and the format of the event in advance. It’s far better to use your common sense to guide your dressing sense and to not succumb to your desire to show off your latest wardrobe additions.

Dressing out of place

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7Lack of accessories

Even with a simple jeans and sweater you can still look incredibly chic. All you need is some accessories to go with what you are wearing. However, you need to choose the correct ones. You don’t need to wear a variety of accessories. Just a single detail like a belt, scarf, or even a piece of jewelry is sometimes enough. When it comes to jewelry, don’t wear too much of it and make sure that is doesn’t consist of blatant precious metal imitations.

Lack of accessories

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8Strange prints

When choosing prints and patterns you need to be extra careful to avoid mistakes that prevent you from looking good. One can brilliantly convey nobility and wildness in a combination which involves the leopard print. But, combining the leopard print with something that doesn’t go well with it will only exhibit vulgar tastelessness. Not everyone can know how to present themselves in such clothes. If you happen to be one of those who don’t know then it’s safer to just go with the classic “can’t-go-wrong” patterns like a geometric design, stripes, polka dots, and plaid.

Strange prints

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9Last-minute preparations

Thinking about what you should wear today is nothing but a waste of time. Doing nothing other than simply wondering what to wear to make you look perfect will serve no purpose other than make you late for your work, party, or event you are supposed to attend. It would’ve been easier for you if you had decided what to wear the evening before. Not being able to figure out what to wear will probably stress you out and you will end up not looking the way you thought you would.

Last-minute preparations

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10Not dressing according to the weather

Remember that the weather can be different every day as it can change at any time. You shouldn’t dress according to the season but, as per the weather of the day. For instance, you might look ridiculous wearing a mink coat on a rainy day, despite it being late December. Neither should you even consider wearing fine stockings in freezing weather.

It’s much better to be conscious of your health. However, if you can dress stylishly without yet warmly, then you won’t only be avoiding the common mistakes that prevent you from looking good, but will also attract a few admiring glances. Go through your closet and separate everything into two groups- light clothes and warm wear. Whatever doesn’t fit the current weather should be kept aside and out of sight.

Not dressing according to the weather

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